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We recognise that the greatest asset we have in discovering our own competitive edge is our people. Roy Morgan Research is committed to finding the best people — those who are innovative, dynamic and able to look outside the square to find real answers and leading-edge solutions. Click here to find available roles.
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HILDA - Living in Australia

We need you to get involved in the most exciting longitudinal social research study in Australia. Roy Morgan Interviewing Services seeks well-presented, well-spoken and engaging people to conduct face-to-face surveys using a user-friendly, hand-held computer.

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Roy Morgan Research offers a wonderful collection of research projects that will fully utilise the skills, time and abilities of an experienced Face to face Interviewer.
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Each year Roy Morgan Research makes millions of phone calls to all parts of Australia.  We have a great team of trained interviewers to do that. You can be one of them.
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