Age of intending retirees increasing due to changes in pension eligibility, superannuation rules and economic uncertainty


Market Research : Finding No: 7106

Between 2008 and 2016, the average age of Australians intending to retire has increased from 57.5 years to 61.0 years, according to the latest results from Roy Morgan Research. This increase is likely due to extensive negative publicity in the lead-up to changes to pension eligibility and superannuation rules.

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High tide: boat ownership on the rise in Australia


Market Research : Finding No: 7109

Not only do the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that the number of Australians who live in a household with some kind of boat in it has risen by nearly half a million people since 2012, they also show that boat-ownership is a middle-class phenomenon.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence consolidates at 119.3 and Inflation Expectations jump

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence Rating - January 17, 2017 - 119.3

Economic : Finding No: 7110

After jumping to a 15-week high last week, ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence was little changed this week, edging down 0.7% to 119.3. The decline was driven by some deterioration in households’ views about their finances. Providing some offset was an improvement in households’ views about the economic outlook and ‘time to buy a major household item'.
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Who are Australia’s union members? You may be surprised


Market Research : Finding No: 7104

As of September 2016, just over 11.2 million Australians were employed in either full- or part-time roles. Of those, 17.4% (or 1.9 million) reported belonging to a trade union, down from 25.7% in 2000.
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Business Confidence down in December to 114.1 (down 2.2%) after negative Australian GDP figures released

Roy Morgan Business Confidence - December 2016 - 114.1

Economic : Finding No: 7111

Roy Morgan Research’s Business Confidence fell 2.2% to 114.1 in December. The fall in Business Confidence occurred even as the Australian All Ordinaries rose during December – mirroring strong rises in US indices following the victory of Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election. The All Ordinaries ended 2016 at 5,719.1 (up 216.7pts (+3.9%) from November 30, 2016).

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Renovation Nation: home improvement in Australia


Market Research : Finding No: 7102

We’re a house-proud bunch, and getting more so by the year. The latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that close to 8.4 million of Australia’s 13.6 million home owners did some kind of renovations in the last 12 months—up from 7.5 million three years earlier.

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Sweet drinks much more popular with kids than older Aussies


Market Research : Finding No: 7101

The latest figures from Roy Morgan’s Young Australians Survey reveal that sweet beverages such as fruit juice, soft drinks, cordial and Slushies are all dramatically more popular with Aussie children aged 6-13 years than with folks aged 14 or older.
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Roy Morgan Indonesian Consumer Confidence falls in November – now 148.9 (down 1.1pts); lowest since February 2016

Roy Morgan Indonesian Consumer Confidence - November 2016 - 148.9

Economic : Finding No: 7119

Roy Morgan Indonesian Consumer Confidence for November fell to 148.9 (down 1.1pts). However, despite the small fall, Consumer Confidence is still 4.7pts higher than it was a year ago in November 2015 (144.2) and is still a large 15.8pts above the long-run average (2005-2016) of 133.1.

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Trump victory raises questions

November 10 2016

As the world watched Donald Trump voted in as the next President of the United States of America,  two questions emerge:  Why did Donald Trump win?  Why did the Public Opinion Polls get it so wrong?

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