Business Confidence jumps again in April – up 7.4pts to 123.1

Business Confidence jumps again in April - up 7.4pts to 123.1

Economic : Finding No: 6779

Roy Morgan Research’s Business Confidence rose again in April (up 6.4% to 123.1) and has now risen 12.5 pts over the last three months since a 2016 low of 110.6 in January. The rise in Business Confidence comes after more improvement on the Australian share-market in April – the All Ordinaries closed yesterday at 5,250.9 (up 1.9% or 99.1pts from March 31, 2016) as commodity prices rebounded in recent months following increased global stimulus.

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Young and old Aussies go crackers for biscuits


Market Research : Finding No: 6777

The proportion of Australians 14+ who eat sweet biscuits in any given seven-day period is on the decline – but remains substantially higher than the country’s savoury biscuit-eaters.
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Has terrorism affected Australian tourism to Bali?


Market Research : Finding No: 6775

Do terrorist incidents affect Australians’ plans and/or desire to visit a destination? Using Bali as a case study, we delve into the latest Roy Morgan data to find out.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence dips to 111.7

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence Rating - April 27, 2016 - 111.7

Economic : Finding No: 6770

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence dipped 3.5% to 111.7 this week, reversing the bounce in the previous week and falling back below its long run average. While the previous week’s bounce likely reflected positive news on the economy, a quiet data week failed to see sentiment hold onto those gains, highlighting how fragile confidence is at the moment. It is also possible that Turnbull’s confirmation that he will seek a double dissolution election (most likely on 2 July) may have weighed on sentiment.
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National vote lowest since 2014 Election as NZ First vote surges to 20 year high of 12.5%

Winston Peters - Leader, NZ First

Political : Finding No: 6772

During April support for National fell 3.5% to 42.5% - the lowest for two years since April – May 2014, now only 2% ahead of a potential Labour/Greens alliance 40.5% (down 1.5%). If a New Zealand Election were held now the latest NZ Roy Morgan Poll shows NZ First 12.5% (up 3.5% to their highest level of support in twenty years) would hold the balance of power and be in a position to determine who would form the next New Zealand Government.

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ANZ-Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence up 2pts in April to 120.0

ANZ-Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence Rating - April 2016 - 120.0

Economic : Finding No: 6776

New Zealand consumers continue to tick along. The ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Index rose 2 points in April to 120.0, a smidgen above the historical average. This continues a theme evident since the start of the year, of sentiment remaining broadly stable at a respectable level. There is little sign that local consumers are ready to clock-off.
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Feeling fragrant: Australia’s perfume and aftershave buyers


Market Research : Finding No: 6766

Australians are getting more fragrant by the year, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal, with a growing number of us buying women’s perfume and/or men’s aftershave/cologne in any given four-week period.

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Consumer satisfaction with big four banks continues to slide in March


Market Research : Finding No: 6773

The satisfaction level of the big four banks’ personal customers in the six months to March 2016 was 80.0%, down from 80.5% in February and represents the third consecutive month of declines. The overall 0.9% point drop in satisfaction seen over the last three months was due to declines among both home-loan (down 1.5% points) and non-home loan customers (down 0.7% points). These are the latest findings from Roy Morgan’s Single Source survey of 50,000+ people pa.

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Job security is great for principals, police, priests and (some) CEOs—but journalists, taxi drivers, scientists and (other) CEOs feel most unstable

Market Research : Finding No: 6765

School principals and teachers, police, office managers, ministers of religion, and CEOs are among the most likely to rate their job security as ‘very good’, but occupations with the worst job security include journalists, vocational education teachers, housekeepers, automobile drivers, and scientists.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan Chinese Consumer Confidence picks up in April

ANZ-Roy Morgan Chinese Consumer Confidence Rating - April 2016 - 145.0

Economic : Finding No: 6774

The ANZ-Roy Morgan China Consumer Confidence Index rose to 145.0 in April, up from 138.0 in in the previous month. In terms of personal finances, 46.9% (prev: 41.7%) of the respondents said that their families are ‘better off’ financially.
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Foot traffic: shopping for men’s sports shoes


Market Research : Finding No: 6764

The latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that nearly 800,000 Aussies 14+ buy men’s sporting shoes in any given four weeks, spending an average of $108 each.
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Fintech threatens Australia’s biggest banks

Market Research : Finding No: 6768

The global fintech phenomenon threatens Australia’s traditional banks by stealing their most valuable customers. This new digital market is growing exponentially leaving traditional banks looking dangerously like commodity utilities.  According to Accenture investment in fintech grew globally by 201% in 2014.  Australia has the fifth highest rate of fintech use in the world.
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Consumer Confidence down for 4th week - by Gary Morgan

April 12 2016

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence fell again this week - down for the fourth week in a row to 112.0 (down 4.4pts in a month). Driving this week's fall was a deterioration of the index comparing personal financial situations to this time last year - ...

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