Australian July real unemployment 8.7% – down for fifth consecutive month

Roy Morgan Unemployment - July 2015 - 8.7%

Economic : Finding No: 6379

In July 2015 Roy Morgan Unemployment is down 1.5% from a year ago to 8.7%: 12,673,000 Australians are in the workforce (up 306,000 since July 2014) – now 11,576,000 Australians are employed (up a large 474,000 since July 2014 – and a new record high).
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Australians give their views on Tony Abbott & Bill Shorten

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten

Political : Finding No: 6371

Australians have given their views on Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten – the alternative Prime Minister – and they aren’t positive – according to special qualitative and quantitative research conducted by Roy Morgan Research.

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Which Australian voters care most about helping the world’s poorest people?

Which Australian voters care most about helping the world's poorest people?

Political : Finding No: 6369

With the Federal Government’s foreign aid budget the lowest it’s been in more than 40 years (relative to income), the question arises: how do Australian electors feel about foreign aid and helping the world’s poorest people? The latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal some interesting connections between a person’s voting preference and where they stand on these issues.

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Rapid growth in small business in Indonesia – but drop in proportion with loans


Market Research : Finding No: 6368

Over the last two years, small business numbers in Indonesia have grown by 6 million (to 42.5m) but the number with loans has not kept up, increasing by only 600,000 (to 11.1m). This data comes from Roy Morgan Single Source (Indonesia), which interviews approximately 30,000 people p.a. across the country.
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L-NP support slumps amid Bronwyn Bishop travel expense ‘misconduct’ and as the ALP commits to renewable energy & ‘turn back the boats’ policy

Morgan Poll on Federal Voting Intention - July 24, 2015

Political : Finding No: 6365

In late July L-NP support is down 3% to 46% cf. ALP 54% (up 3%) after Opposition Leader Bill Shorten sided with the Government on their ‘turning back the boats policy’ and committed Labor policy to ensure 50% of Australia’s energy needs are met with renewable energy by 2030. If a Federal Election were held now the ALP would win easily.

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Supermarkets dominate fruit and vegetable trade—even among people shopping at produce markets


Market Research : Finding No: 6361

Over 1.5 million Australian grocery buyers (14+) purchase fruit and vegetables from a market or stall during an average week—but even the majority of these locally and organically minded, anti-GM, farmer-friendly shoppers take their totes to a supermarket’s produce section too, new retail data from Roy Morgan Research shows.
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Guidebooks still a valuable travel resource

July 22 2015

While it's undeniable that fewer Aussie travellers are using guidebooks than they were 10 years ago, this doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. Certain kinds of travellers are still using them, particularly those heading overseas …

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Aussie parents drive up to 4200km more per year

July 22 2015

Parents drive over 1800km a year more than the average Australian driver—the equivalent of an extra trip from Melbourne to Brisbane during the year. And the older the kids, the more kilometres spent behind the wheel, new automotive data from Roy Morg...

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