Majority of Australians (61%) against sending ground troops to Iraq & Syria

Political : Finding No: 6578

A special snap SMS Morgan Poll shows a majority of Australians (61%) disapprove of Australia sending ground combat troops to fight the Islamic State in Iraq & Syria and 39% approve. This special SMS Morgan Poll was conducted last night (Thursday) with a cross-section of 973 Australians.

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Fresh trumps frozen for Australia’s veggie-eaters


Market Research : Finding No: 6566

We may not eat enough of them, but the great majority of us include vegetables in our diets, eating fresh, frozen and/or canned veges at least once in an average seven days.
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Zap attack: Australia’s insecticide buyers


Market Research : Finding No: 6576

The latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that 2.2 million Australians buy insecticide for their household in an average four-week period. In certain parts of the country, however, this figure is much higher.
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State of the Nation: Australian Retail


Market Research : Finding No: 6562

Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine today presented the latest State of the Nation Report in Melbourne, with a special Spotlight on Retail – from online shopping to store visitation, consumer finances and attitudes to the battle for every last supermarket dollar.
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More girls now playing soccer than netball


Market Research : Finding No: 6563

Soccer has overtaken swimming as the most popular sporting activity among Aussie kids, with one in two children aged 6-13 now playing the Beautiful Game -- and more girls now playing soccer than netball...
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Potato chips and soft drinks: doubly irresistible?


Market Research : Finding No: 6561

The latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that Aussies 14+ who snack on potato chips, corn chips, Twisties and Cheezels in an average seven days more often than not also drink flavoured soft drinks in the same period.
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ANZ-Roy Morgan Chinese Consumer Confidence fell in November

ANZ-Roy Morgan Chinese Consumer Confidence Rating - November 2015 - 138.4

Economic : Finding No: 6565

ANZ-Roy Morgan China Consumer Confidence Index declined 1.2 pts to 138.4 in November, an equal record low as in September 2015. In terms of personal finances, 41.9% (down 0.9ppt from October) of respondents in November said that their families are ‘better off’ financially, compared with the same time last year.
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Consumer satisfaction with big four banks dips in October


Market Research : Finding No: 6549

The satisfaction level of the big four banks’ personal customers as of October 2015 was down from September, following a drop in home loan customer satisfaction and a decline for other customers.
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