Two Party Preferred

ALP 49.7% up 3.2%
L-NP 50.3% down 3.2%
Federal Election - July 2, 2016

Voting Intention

ALP 34.7
L-NP 42.0
Greens 10.2
Ind 13.1
Federal Election - July 2, 2016

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence

116.4 -1.1


9.7 +0.5

Business Confidence

116.8 +2.7

Inflation Expectations

4.8 -0.2

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The past week has seen a procession of journalists finally mentioning Australia’s largest problem that’s never talked about – the massive level of under-employment throughout the Australian economy. Today Jessica Irvine in The Age asks the simple question – does working one hour a week sound like a good job? Well of course not, and Jessica’s column highlights the problem of under-employment – working a few hours but wanting to work far more hours, or indeed, work full-time.

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Federal 2 Party Vote

Federal Election - July 2, 2016. 14,262,016 electors Party

Confidence Ratings

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